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Impression series single shoulder bag HuangXing

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Gender: female money material: PU leather color series: yellow occasions: dress, leisure, other size: medium bag style: lie fallow to open the bag method: zipper popular elements: rivet suitable for season: the general pattern

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Now has more fashion brands, such as * *, * *, etc.; And exclusive network agency * *, * * and other international well-known brand product. With nearly cases of varieties and quantity, product line in fashion, business, leisure, outdoor sports, and other series.
devote oneself to to make the bags fast fashion new model to provide


1. Leather knowledge

Leather are cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, or some other animals off of the original skin, the enterprise tanning after treatment, make all kinds of characteristics, strength, handle, color,

2. Leather maintenance knowledge

Want to keep for a long time handbag in good condition, the most important thing is not to ignore the daily maintenance, and generally

3. Classification maintenance

PU is the abbreviation of English ploy urethane, chemical name in Chinese polyurethane, also called PU leather,PU leather with general opposite when with the second floor